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Learning Platform Development

Complete Setup, Design & Branding

I am available to support any organisation looking to install and develop online learning platforms, this includes setup and customisation to the production of bespoke online courses and digital assessment. I have worked with a range of organisations from small independent training providers, major Universities to leading industrial companies like Nissan to create bespoke online learning solutions that are tailored for each client's needs. Please feel free to get in touch if I can support your organisation moving forward.


Modern & Engaging E-Learning

Animation, Interactivity & Multimedia

I have produced fresh and engaging online learning content for a number of clients in both private and public sector education. I am able to work with tutors and subject matter experts to help their subject areas come to life through interactive game based learning and on demand televisual or multimedia based content. I have also worked with commercial and industrial organisations to bring their training needs online, reducing costs and improving performance. See my Projects Page for examples of my work.


Dedicated Bespoke Training

For Individuals and Large Groups

I can deliver training on a variety of software or digital technology areas such as learning platforms, multimedia applications, social media, cloud based software and computer hardware including tablets and interactive whiteboards. I am available to deliver one-to-one training or deliver presentations or hands-on seminars to large groups. I also have experience speaking at regional conferences for Learning Technology giving talks on topics from Functional Skills Apps to Minecraft for Education.

Professional Services


Open Badges

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Oculus Rift

Emerging VR Technology



Immersive Learning Environments


Mobile Technologies

m-Learning and Educational Apps


Leap Motion Controller

Inclusive Learning Technology


Augmented Reality

Enriching Static Content

The concept of Open Badges is now starting to gather moment in Further Education. With many colleges in our region now issuing them in order to award credit for a range of traditionally non-accredited soft skills like team-working and leadership.

Virtual Reality is re-emerging with greatly improved hardware creating a more comfortable and memorable user experience. Many education organisations are already experimenting with the Oculus Rift Beta to discover what impact this open source technology could have on the sector. I hope to assist in the development of educational experiences for the Oculus Rift when I receive my own SDK2 kit this Autumn.

MinecraftEDU is catching the attention of educators worldwide, and the media is already reporting on this which is driving great attention for it in the UK. Minecraft is an open world game where learners can grow teamwork, creative and problem solving skills. It's easy to get started and very cheap. With my support, colleges in our region are now starting to look into MinecraftEDU more closely.

Mobile technologies continue to grow and become a dominant part of our daily lives. Within education, mobile tech is being used more in the classroom now that devices have become easier to manage than ever before, and culture shifts like Blended Learning and BYOD continue to adapt the way that learners digest course content. I manage a Mobile Technology Forum within the North East.

The Leap Motion Controller is a unique interface for a desktop or laptop computer, essentially allowing you to control the device like a Theremin! We recognise the potential for the device for inclusive learning and I have discovered educators on Twitter using the Leap Motion and it's App Store to plan unique lessons and provide support for learners unable to use traditional keyboard and mice.

Augmented Reality is another form of technology which continues to grow and evolve, with wearable technology like the Google Glass likely to change the way that we view the world forever. And these types of technologies are only just around the corner! I have helped learning providers get to grips with Aurasma and LayAR, and tried developing my own augmented reality app using the Vuforia SDK.

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